Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prenatal yoga & doula Certification complete!

I just completed this week, a two-week training course for teacher certification in prenatal yoga, as well as a certified doula training. I think it might be the first combined course for both of these subjects, offered by Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga. My yoga instructor was Candice Garrett, a very gifted and fantastic teacher, so knowledgeable and so much fun. Her sister Heather Schwarz is the wonderful, warm doula who taught that part of the course. I don't think I will work as a doula, at least not now when I am home with my kids while they are young. But the knowledge is so valuable for the pregnancy and birth education that are always a part of my prenatal classes. I thought I knew the basics but I learned far more than I imagined.

I'm now official - a certified yoga and prenatal yoga instructor!