Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend in Ojai

This past weekend I went to Ojai to take part in a yoga workshop and the hip and fun yoga school called Lulu Bandha's. But I got some apparently poisonous take-out food Friday night and spent the late night and much of the next day losing it (my dinner, that is) - violently.

So my yoga practice - a very challenging one - was to be with how awful I felt, to breath, to relax and rest, and to practice patience, patience for being sick, and for the healing to take place. I couldn't have done much else though, as I could hardly crawl out of bed.

I may not have recovered as quickly had I not had a guardian angel there at the B & B  - a woman named Anat who brought me fresh thyme tea and a homeopathic remedy called Arsenicum Album. It really seemed to stop the ...... unpleasantness....and help me begin to get better. Something I will never be without from now on!!

When my sense of smell returned Sunday morning I could drink in the warm orange blossom infused air, which was a good fragrance to chase away nausea and to heal. I was in a lovely, sunny room overlooking the gardens at the Pepper Tree Retreat, a bed and breakfast which used to be a home of the famous philosopher and educator Krishnamurti.

I read a part of one of his books from the library of his there. He too practiced yoga and had an interesting insight I've been thinking of since. He said that his teacher told him yoga - the poses - should be effortless. But before one reaches that state, you are "doing yoga". I understood the passage to mean that it is all the doing, until you reach the pose; it is a practice, a process (as in all of life). You are in the doing of it, until you attain it.

I like this way of seeing yoga. It takes it out of the more western tendency to see things in a linear way, competitively, as in a context of "beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner', or worse/better, etc. Instead, each yogi is simply 'in the practice', in the doing of yoga, in his or her own unique way. It opens up an acceptance for me, acceptance of where I am, whether sick because I've over-done it in my life in some way, or struggling with a pose, or struggling with a ten-year old. It is all 'in the doing' of living.