Monday, August 19, 2013

Creating & cultivating your home practice - online classes

To continue my series on home practice, I'd like to share some of the resources that motivate me.

Sometimes it's hard to just get yourself to step onto the mat, much less tell yourself which poses to do and how. To get a little motivation and a lot of guidance, I have found many classes on-line that can be really fun! Below are some links to a few of my favorites:

Lulu Bandha's in Ojai, California has some free classes, and more you can see with a subscription, lead by some fantastic teachers: Lulu Bandha's

The Yoga Journal also has many videos to chose from: Yoga Journal Live Mag

and YouTube has countless videos - some good, some bad. But you can search for specific types of practices like this Full body yoga routine

Look for something gentle and restorative if it's one of those days, or challenge yourself. If' you've been to my classes you know how to modify and to be safe for your particular body. Care for yourself and have fun!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The cost of giving birth

Have you asked your health care providers and insurance what pregnancy, labor and delivery will cost? You might get sticker shock! See Elisabeth Rosenthal's article in the New York Times.